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The Future At Your Feet

A revolutionary carbon fiber suspension shoe that brings both cushion and comfort.

Breakthrough performance.  Pain and fatigue reduction.

Welcome to Hann Shoes


A Spring In Your Step

Yes, we know these are weird looking shoes but the design is backed by decades of engineering and research to reimagine how footwear can improve people's lives whether you're standing, walking or running.


Those big gaping holes in the midsole are carbon fiber suspension elements.


Similar to suspensions in cars or bicycles, our patented suspension platform stores and returns energy back to the wearer creating a smoother and more comfortable experience than compared to foam midsoles.  

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It's In The Sole

01. Carbon Fiber Suspension Ellipse

Hann Shoes are designed with a pair of carbon fiber ellipses that act as cells which store energy and return it to the wearer, reducing impact-related injuries and fatigue.

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02. Variable Drop

Flexibility of suspension elements creates a fully variable drop that adapts to the wearer. Creating maximum comfort for the wearer whether you’re running or just standing all day.

03. Forefront Hinge

The storage, transfer, and release of energy is the key feature of the Hann Design. The heel absorbs energy from the initial ground strike and transfers that energy to the forefoot suspension in the second half of the stride, improving the wearer’s athletic performance.

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