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Footwear Completely Reimagined

What Is The Hann Shoe Difference?

The Hann Shoes carbon fiber ellipses act as energy storage cells that stores energy from ground contact and returns energy to the wearer. This creates a trampoline-like effect, giving you a boost of energy with every step.

Hear From Our Founder
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Run .6 Miles Less in a Marathon

In a study with renowned Professor of Biomechanics Dr. Benno Nigg, the Hann Shoe was found to reduce systemic oxygen consumption by 2.2%

Hann Shoes reduces the energy a wearer needs to supply for the same step taken in other shoes. Our technology lessens the workload on wearers whether they're standing, walking or running!

Foam VS Carbon Suspension

Most shoes are designed to act as shock absorbers to reduce the impact of the ground strike. In most shoes, wearers do not get the energy back after ground contact. So, the wearer is constantly supplying all the energy for every step. The Hann Shoe design returns energy to the wearer to lessen the workload on the wearer

Who Can Wear The Shoe?

“The mechanism actually stabilizes you laterally so you have less of a problem with excessive pronation or supination as you run. So, that takes away a very big problem in shoe design, where the shoe has to be customized for a certain person on how they pronate.”

Dr. Michael Leahy

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