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The Future At Your Feet

A revolutionary carbon fiber suspension shoe that brings both cushion and comfort.

Extreme Comfort

Breakthrough performance.  Pain and fatigue reduction.

Yes, we know these are weird looking shoes but the design is backed by decades of engineering and research to reimagine how footwear can improve people's lives whether you're standing, walking or running.


This revolutionary suspension footwear technology can help alleviate foot, leg, and back pain caused by standing or walking for extended periods of time. Our shoes are designed with your comfort in mind, and we've taken great care to ensure that every feature provides maximum support and relief.


Lisa M.

42 years, 155lbs

As a nurse, I'm constantly on my feet all day. The floors at the hospital are extremely hard and shoes are the only things that can protect against the toll of walking all day. Nurses and all healthcare professionals for that matter value our shoes to help us do our job. Lenn's suspended shoes are a lifesaver. They really help alleviate the pain and stress of standing and walking all day.

Get A Hand-Made Pair

Our Hann shoes are currently in production and will be a year away from being delivered.


If you're looking for comfort and relief today, you can order custom handcrafted shoes with our technology installed into the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 or Hoka Bondi 8 shoes.


(If you're seeking relief, please make sure to order early so that you can secure a pair before we meet each month's production limit. Quantities are very limited due to the manual production process.)

Hear Testimonials

No Break-In Period & Pain Reduction

Lauren Erickson - Recreational Runner

Support For Lower Back

Ray Franze - Stands All Day For Work

Pain Reduction & Less Swelling

Chuck Levin - Stands All Day For Work

hann_background_image_graphic (1).jpg

It's In The Sole

01. Carbon Fiber Suspension Ellipse

Hann Shoes are designed with a pair of carbon fiber ellipses that act as cells which store energy and return it to the wearer, reducing impact-related injuries and fatigue.

Midsole Outline.png
Adaptive Support 2.gif
02. Variable Drop

Flexibility of suspension elements creates a fully variable drop that adapts to the wearer. Creating maximum comfort for the wearer whether you’re running or just standing all day.

03. Forefront Hinge

The storage, transfer, and release of energy is the key feature of the Hann Design. The heel absorbs energy from the initial ground strike and transfers that energy to the forefoot suspension in the second half of the stride, improving the wearer’s athletic performance.

Support and Comfort - Walking.gif

A Spring In Your Step

Our technology features a unique sole design that helps to distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure on your feet and joints.


This can help to prevent pain and discomfort from building up, even after long periods of standing or walking. 

Shoe Profile.gif
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